The Art of dealing with Uncertainty as a Team

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Why it is so hard for organizations to come up with a compelling change strategy


Looking this Dilbert comic and was reminded of a framework that could give a hint why this comic is so often trough:


It combines team dynamics with the complexity of business challenges. Leadership teams who cannot come up with a compelling change strategy might not have the needed capacity as a team. A change strategy is in most cases not just a complicated puzzle which has to be solved, pushed through by town-hall communications or reached by tweaking some of the existing processes.

Sharing uncertainty is not (yet) considered as heroic leadership


We tend to think that change is mechanistic and to find solutions without really immerging into the problem. Team with the capacity to deal with uncertainty are most likely to value curiosity, learning, social prototyping and experiementing. They are most likely to have conversations which are reflective, dialogic and little action item driven. And they are able to spot and express feelings, needs and systemic phenomenons.

Adress change as a complex challenge per default


So hiring a person who can help a team with this is always a good investment – but that could be dangerous: because it really could change something.

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